Who We Are

Mr. Tank is recognized as the fastest-growing startup in Noida. We are a specialized for mechanized water tank cleaning services in Noida and Patna. We help customers hire trusted professionals for water tank cleaning services. We are staffed with young, passionate people working tirelessly to make a difference in the lives of people by catering to their service needs at their doorsteps. We provide mechanized water tank cleaning services . We also provide drain cleaning service and water pipe line cleaning.

How We Are Different?

  1. Mr. Tank is specialized for Mechanised storage water tank cleaning services.
  2. We have used latest modern machines for water tank cleaning.
  3. We have used water friendly Cleaning agent for water tank cleaning services.
  4. Well-trained, Verified Professionals

Why should be clean Water Storage Tank ?

Are you worried that the water tank which stores and keeps water clean is itself not clean enough? Are you concerned about the water that is used for your everyday functions, especially drinking,bathing,brushing and cooking? Do you feel that the water in your storage tank is not clean enough? Well, you never have to stress about it anymore as Mr Tank is here to offer impeccable and top class mechanized water tank cleaning services in Patna. This ensures that water tank cleaning is carried out in an effective and efficient way.

Cleaning your Water Tank in a Scientific and Mechanised Way
It is very important to conduct water tank cleaning services or else you and your entire family can be influenced to various diseases and issues.

water tank cleaning services in noida

Foul Smell: Not conducting proper water tank cleaning for a long time makes your water smell like drain water. This is because over time, sediments and residue blend in with your drinking water. Although this may not be dangerous to your health, you won’t be able to drink this water. In such cases, we at Mr Tank, are your best option. By just giving us a ring, we send the best tank cleaning professionals to your residential area, helping you avoid compromising in terms of results and quality service.

Skin Irritations and Diseases: You not only use your tank water for drinking but require water even for washing clothes and having a bath. The presence of toxic substances in water can harm your skin. You can avoid all of this by simply getting in touch with us at Mr Tank. We send in the best experts who know exactly what to do, should such a situation arise.

Rusty Colour that Stains Glass: If your water looks rusty in colour so much so that it stains your glass as well, it just means that there is an excess of iron content in the water. It is not harmful at all. However, if you notice small sediments dissolved in the water or the water itself is coloured, get in touch with us, we will send an expert who specialises in water tank cleaning services.

Waterborne diseases: Not cleaning your water tanks for years together serves as a breeding ground for bacteria and other viruses. This means either you or one of your family members will eventually fall sick. You may be susceptible to waterborne diseases such as cholera, diarrhoea and typhoid. If your water tank is untidy, calling in a professional to take care of the same is the best thing to do. Mr Tank helps you in this process. All you have to do is share your need and information with us, specifying the time you want us to attend your water tank dilemmas. Our team will send over a professional right away.

Water tank cleaning can be a tedious affair but not when you have experts within an arm’s reach. Mr Tank helps to make the process as seamless for you. All you have to do is give us a ring. We will send in the best team of professionals who are well versed in water tank cleaning services. This ensures your water storage tank is good as new again.

Our Team

Mr. Tank have a strong backing of a proficient team, which comprises of experienced and hardworking professionals. Being punctual and dedicated, they complete the assigned tasks on time. They understand the requirements and expectations of the client. Our team is an asset for the organization and we try to maintain friendly relations with our employees.

Mr. Kumar

He is presently holding the position of Director in Sundry Engineering( Mr.Tank). He has about 15 years experience in different sectors such as Internet search engine marketing and Cleaning industry.

Our Mission/Vision

We live in a world where time is of prime importance, so often we end up putting our important needs and wants on hold because we can’t find enough time from our busy schedules or find the right person to help us do that . As is the case with all the big problems, this one too has a simple and elegant solution that Mr Tank has successfully captured and implemented.
We all are aware that impure water is the reason for most of the chronic diseases, skin allergies and other health problems. Thus, Mr Tank provide extensive water tank cleaning services to get rid of any algae, insects, pollutants and other infection causing agents in water tanks. we provide specialist solution for water tank cleaning , which includes anti-bacterial spray inside tank walls and corners and sludge removal from inner walls of the tanks. Mr Tank intends to make your life simpler and healthier.